I began seeing Dr. Gardner in 1996 when my lower back was so bad I couldn’t stand up straight and could hardly walk. I was having a lot of pain and worried I would miss work to recover. In one treatment I was able to walk normal and stand upright again with less pain. I had to take it easy but didn’t miss any work. After a few more treatments my pain was gone and I learned how to take better care of my back and health. I’ve had very little back pain since and I still go in for maintenance treatments so I don’t get down in my back again. Many thanks to Dr. Gardner and his staff.
Jim Spann
Austin, TX

Dr. Gardner is AMAZING and the only chiropractor I will see. I’ve even made trips up to Belton from the Houston area to get adjusted. I had such severe back pain and after accupuncture and several adjustments, the pains that plagued me have been gone for a few years now!!
Sarah Flukinger
Waller, TX

Dr Gardner takes a gentle approach to chiropractic care. I like that he also uses applied kinesiology and acupuncture to provide balanced and comprehensive care!
Holly Cook
Harker Heights TX 3/3/2017

Amazing Chiropractic, Wellness and Counseling Office! Very knowledgeable and professional!
Danielle Finn
Killeen TX 5/22/2017

I highly recommend Dr Gardner! He is very knowledgeable and I learned a lot from him.
Candance Wilson 5/22/2017

I am feeling grateful for Dr. Gardner of Belton Chiropractic. Over the years he has made sure I can stay active and live pain free, whether its been due to a fender bender, a trip/fall in the yard, a back strain, a twisted ankle, painful heel, carpal tunnel- you name it, he has helped me heal! Dr. Gardner is intuitive as well as highly trained. He takes his time to tune-in to my body and makes sure he has thoroughly addressed the problem. I like that I am not sore the ne…xt day, from his treatment. He is gentle and very effective. The wholistic perspective and treatment options Dr. Gardner uses makes a huge difference in how quickly I am able to recover. He even had me use tiny magnets for a foot problem and within two weeks I was back to walking and working without pain!

I’ve been to several chiropractors in the different cities I’ve lived in and Dr. Gardner has been the most successful in treating the various problems, aches and pains I have had. I trust him and work with him in communicating what’s going on. That is why I am taking time to recommend him. He’s highly professional, caring and talented in his area of expertise. Even if you aren’t in pain, I recommend just having a regular adjustment to keep the body in balance and circulation systems flowing. Movement is Life! Thank you Dr. Gardner for keeping me moving, so I can celebrate life!
Irene Andrews 7/13/2017
Nolanville, TX